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Hard Work Paid Off


Monday, October 1, 2012 This past weekend a month's time of hard work paid off. For the last month hose has been repacked, paint touched up, nickle polished and Bertha, North Penn's antique, was cleaned head to toe. Many members, contributing members and even friends of the company put time in getting Bertha ready for the 133rd PA Fireman's Association State Parade which was Saturday in Norristown.

     Saturday was a long day for the members of North Penn. 6:30 in the morning Bertha was fired up and heading to Norristown to be judged. After being judged, Bertha got into position for the parade and was met by Squad 62 at 11:00. 1:00 the parade began. Through Norristown went fire truck after fire truck, firefighters marching and bands playing. Following the parade, Bertha and Squad 62 headed back to be switched out with Engine and Traffic 62. Traffic 62 headed to the awards ceremony and Engine 62 stood by for Station 27. Members of North Penn waited in anticipation waiting to hear from Traffic 62 whether Bertha won a trophy or not.

     At 7:25pm, the phones began to ring. Bertha received the first place trophy in the Best Appearing Equipped Antique category. A category open to any truck, 25 years or older, but first place was given to the 83 year old Bertha.

     The 1929 American LaFrance has won several awards in the past, but this was her first award from a PA Fireman's Association State Parade.

Special thanks to all those who put the time and effort into getting Bertha ready. The hard work paid off.


 Bertha and her crew

 (back) G. Slater (front L-R) K. Burkart,
      M. Traynor, B. Rhoads, S. Slater, J.

 View from Squad 62