The Horace S. Madtes Jr.

Spirit of a volunteer firefighter award

This recipient has been selected due to their dedication to North Penn Volunteer Fire Company. Along with their ability to work and respect other firefighters, contributing knowledge of the volunteer fire services with their ability and willingness to adapt new ideas and procedures.

This award is a honored tradition, that as members we look forward to the most because this award recipient is chosen by their fellow brothers and sisters. An award given to those that embody that same spirit.

This years recipient has grown over the years. Beginning her career as a Junior, there’s no denying she has earned her place at North Penn. We are proud to call her our sister. This years 2020 Horace S. Madtes Jr. Award, presented by life member and former President Tom Rebbie, goes to Jessica Smith.



It’s not often at North Penn we get to celebrate a member reaching 50 years of service but today we proudly recognize Fire Police and Life Member Tom Gillespie!

Tom has been with the company since 1970. Given over 50 selfless years to the company. Tom has served in many roles within North Penn which include Chief Engineer , Fire Police Captain and Firefighter.

As Chief Engineer, Tom knew the apparatus inside and out, and never let them have issues. As Fire Police Captain, Tom was seen doing the job at all hours of day and night while motivating others to join. Tom also earned the distinguished title of Firefighter of the Year in 1974 and 1982.

It is with great honor that we acknowledge your service to North Penn Volunteer Fire Company. Thank you for your ongoing selfless dedication and commitment.


2020 Chief’s Award Recipient

This years Chiefs Award recipient has 40 years with the company. He is a man who dedicated endless hours to the company and his community. In his 40 years of service he has done it all and continues to answer the call when the pager goes off. He had over 190 points for 2020. He is a key role in our day-to-day operations. He never wavers from his duties and would never take his heart out of North Penn.

It was with honors that Chief Traynor be the first Chief in your 39 years to be honoring you with this award.

The 2020 Chief’s Award recipient is William Kaelin.


2020 Firefighter of the Year Award

There was one Firefighter that stood out to the Chief year-round throughout 2020. Dealing with the firehouse and a global pandemic all while still finding his way as a new father. Even throwing in the challenges of dealing with a new job. And yet he still responded to calls. Still showed up in the middle of the night. It seemed like after every time we pulled hose, threw ladders and searched for life, his last name shown through on a drywall covered jacket. Working fires, accidents, he didn’t miss much this year.

Stevie “From the Bronx” McGlynn, for your uninterrupted service to North Penn, and your ability to be there for the community when they always needed you most, you earned the title of 2020 Firefighter of the Year.


2020 Community Service Award

This years community service award goes to a recipient who’s support for North Penn has never wavered. Whether it’s opening their doors for training, educating our members on the latest vehicle updates or assisting us in our fundraising efforts, their support has been a strength for North Penn.

The 2020 Community Service Award goes to

JL Freed Honda

. Thank you for all you do for our company and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.


2020 Presidents Award

Since this recipient joined the North Penn family, their dedication to their community and the company grows every year. This member has taken on several duties and positions over his last few years and performs them at the highest quality of service. He is one of our top responders in the company and was instrumental in helping to secure grants for the firehouse. Whether it’s getting the trucks to emergencies, volunteering for fundraising, standing in roadways for hours at a time as Fire Police or sitting on the Board of executives as our Vice President, this member works tirelessly in all that he does.

Please join in congratulating this years 2020 President’s Award recipient, Jeffry Ameel!


2020 QRS Award

This year’s QRS award was a tough decision so many of our great providers could have received this award for their dedication and commitment during the global pandemic. QRS Captain Kelci Beatty would like to thank all of our providers who participated in our QRS program during this wild year.

However, there was one individual who went above and beyond all expectations. This EMT worked tirelessly running 65 QRS calls and 20 plus duty crew shifts in 2020, all while trying to obtain their primary status. This EMT showed tremendous bravery and composure while on scene and assisting the 345 crew during the transport from the Gwynedd Club Apartment fire.

This years 2020 QRS Award recipient goes to FF/EMT Brittany Holt.


2020 Citations

Along with our annual awards, the following Citations were presented to members by Chief Traynor

Achievement Citations

Captain Zach Ross

FF Steve McGlynn

QRS Unit Citation

Captain Kelci Beatty

EMT Brittany Holt

Ladder Unit Citation

Deputy Frank Baxter

Lieutenant Colin Beatty

FF Michael Brunner

FF Don Holt

FF Erick Myers

FF Jess Smith

FF Alex Wilson

Distinguished Service Citation

Lieutenant Colin Beatty

These members were recognized for their extraordinary heroism, courage and determination.

Chief Traynor thanked each one of these members for their

“devotion to community service and valuable contribution to the NPVFC.”