Dear Neighbor,


The men and women of the North Penn Volunteer Fire Company would like to thank you for your past support and generosity. With your assistance, our ALL VOLUNTEER department consisting of 62 active members, were able to provide the prompt and professional services our community expects and deserves. In 2016, the North Penn Volunteer Fire Co. responded to 386 emergency calls for assistance, and over 200 EMS dispatches, and our personnel attended 2799 hours of training. Along with these services, our volunteers also assisted with various community events within our local communities. 


Since 2016, the fire company saw the addition of 22 brand new volunteer firefighters. Because of your monetary support, these new firefighters were provided training and the necessary protective gear to safely perform their duties within our community. 2016 also saw the much-needed replacement of 38 air packs (SCBA) and an upgraded radio communications system. None of these additions could have been possible without your direct support, and we cannot begin to thank you enough.


With that said, the upcoming year holds many great challenges that require your continued support. In December 2016, we ordered a new KME Ladder Truck to replace our existing ladder truck that was over 20 years old and functionally outdated. The new truck will feature the most up-to-date firefighting technologies.


The current firehouse is in drastic need of renovations: updating and expansion. The last renovations were in 1980 and no longer provide the functionality required for our firefighters and EMS personnel. These new renovations will include: modernized facilities, expanded truck bay, expanded training rooms, proper sleeping quarters for overnight duty crews, new exhaust management system, backup generator, and a much-needed handicap accessible elevator to the social club. 


Since 1928, the North Penn Volunteer Fire Company, a non-profit organization, has consistently relied on our own fundraising efforts to meet the communities’ needs in times of unforeseen crisis. All donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE and will continue to be used to better serve our communities.


Please give what you can and we thank you in advance for your generous financial support during this 2017 campaign.



All of the Volunteer Men and Women of the North Penn Volunteer Fire Company.  

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Founded in 1888

To protect and serve North Wales, Lower Gwynedd and surrounding communities.