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Did you know?

North Penn Volunteer Fire Company serves as North Wales Borough's primary fire response. We also serve portions of Lower Gwynedd Township. Our QRS and Fire Police serve North Wales Borough, Upper Gwynedd  and Lower Gwynedd Townships. ​We provide mutual aid to other local municipalities. We respond to  Fire, Vehicle Rescues, QRS Medical, Animal rescues, Pump details, Traffic accident, Hazardous materials spills, Electrical fires… We respond to any and all 911 hazards.

As a 100% VOLUNTEER company we rely on the community's support. Each year we send out a Fund Drive Letter. Ever wonder where your support goes? Below are two charts showing income and our 2021 budget. 


And the average cost to outfit a firefighter? 

thumbnail_NPVFC Presentation to NWB fina



What comes after gear?


Fire Fighter One – 196 hours​

First-Aid and CPR – 9 hours​

Haz-Mat Operations – 16 hours​

​221 Hours for basic training to allow someone to respond to an Emergency Call.

That equals to $5,553.73  of savings to you, our neighbors, because our members are 100% VOLUNTEER. 

Based on the average $25.13 hourly cost for paid firefighters in the State of PA.

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